The Kiln-Dried Advantage

Kiln-Dried Wood

Dried in an energy efficient temperature-controlled oven designed to expel moisture in 18-36 hours.

Kiln-dried wood has lower moisture content, which leads to improved combustion, easier ignition, reduced smoke, and minimal creosote buildup.

Additionally, kiln drying eliminates pests, mold, and fungi while ensuring consistent quality and reliable performance.

Seasoned Wood

Dried outdoors for 6 months - 2 years varying on wood type, climate, and moisture levels.

Naturally dried wood has higher moisture, resulting in inefficient combustion, challenging ignition, more smoke, and increased creosote.

It is prone to pests, mold, and inconsistent quality, making it inferior in performance and reliability.

"Green" Wood

Freshly cut and untreated. Quick to produce but unlike the name suggests, unhealthy for the environment.

Green wood, freshly cut and untreated, has high moisture content, resulting in inefficient combustion, difficult ignition, excessive smoke, and increased creosote buildup.

It is prone to pests, mold, and lacks the consistent quality and reliability found in properly dried firewood like kiln-dried wood.

Our Kiln-Drying Process

It all begins with wood sourced locally from sustainable forests in our community. We prioritize environmental responsibility and support our local ecosystem.

Initial Preparation

The selected logs are then placed in specialized kiln-drying chambers. These chambers are precisely controlled to create optimal conditions for the drying process.

Temperature and Humidity Control

Throughout the drying process, our team continuously monitors the wood's moisture content and conducts quality checks. This ensures that the firewood reaches the ideal moisture level for optimal burning and performance.

Final Preparation and Packaging

With our kiln-drying process, you can enjoy the convenience and quality of our premium firewood. Say goodbye to excess moisture and inefficient burning—experience the difference with Wild Logs today!

Kiln-Dried and USDA-Certified

Our wood undergoes a kiln-drying process guaranteeing unmatched consistency and performance. We're proud to be USDA-Certified, meeting the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

Who Cooks with Wild Logs



The best firewood I've burned indoors. Steve and Mike are absolute gentlemen. The only place I will buy firewood from now on out.


I've been getting wood from Wild Logs since they launched. I could not be happier. I get clean consistent burns every time.


Food-grade kiln-dried single species bundles, and more vaiety than I've seen anywhere else (and I've checked everywhere within 2 hours of NYC). They made me promise to smoke with persimmon when I told them I planned to fire pit burn all the stuff I bought.


Los Angeles, CA


I never knew there could be such a difference in the quality of wood. Best of all, the kiln-dried wood was so clean that my clothes didn't reek of smoke like usual.